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Life isn't perfect, but your books can be.

My Purpose

To educate & empower women financially
so they can be their most powerful self while creating a business and life they truly desire. 


Oh Hey, I'm Courtney!

And, I am not your parent's accountant.  I

hustle hard on the daily and have zero tolerance for anything mediocre. 

Modern Chic is a business built of necessity and trust.  We offer virtual + boutique accounting and advisory services created especially for business owners like yourself.


My goal is to make tackling bookkeeping modern so that you feel more confident about your numbers, stress less about taxes + increase profits!


My obsession for perfection has made me a favorite virtual accountant in over 25 states.  I love helping creatives + visionaries save money and increase cash flow and I can’t wait to help you!  



Start-Up Assistance 


CFO Services

1:1 Financial Coaching

Group Benefits Administration


Ready to take your business to the next level?

We'll be in touch soon!

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